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The 18-year-old senior dog has finally returned home after a three-year absence

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May 22, 2023 Videos No comments


The eighteen-year-old dog was malnourished and was mistakenly placed in a public animal shelter called Dorchester Paws. The dog had claws growing, he was covered in fleas, and his teeth were rotting.

The dog urgently needed help, and the staff immediately rushed to help. When the dog was microchipped, it turned out that Binky’s family was a six-hour drive from the shelter.

Lanea Wilson, pet support manager at Dorchester Paws, said despite the heartbreaking story, Binky’s story shows us the importance of microchipping.

Binky went missing until she was 3 years old. It was a happy ending for the dogs, the shelter, and the owners.

Wilson said she was thrilled to help reunite the dog with her family. They even sent the dog on a 6-hour trip with the family along with a volunteer! Watch the video below.