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Garbage Sorting Worker Rescues A Live Cat In A Bag

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April 10, 2023 Videos No comments


A few years ago, a video appeared online showing a disturbing scene at a waste processing plant.

There, the bag was noticed by one of the conveyor workers, who discovered a living cat inside and saved her from death with his intervention.

The video posted on the Internet two years ago has already become a real hit on social networks – today it has several million views, and these days the video clip has again spread across the network. Many Internet observers expressed their gratitude to the conscientious employee.

A worker rescued a cat that was sealed in someone’s bag while sorting garbage. And all this under a sharp blade. The cat was alive and unharmed, but a moment of inattention forever changed his fate.

Watch this video to see how a worker saves a cat from death. A good worker for such a person.