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A chained dog will not stop kissing the person who comes to free him

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March 21, 2023 Stories No comments


As the agency in charge of enforcing Brazil’s animal protection laws, Matheus Layola is unaware of the silent plight of stray dogs and pets who spend most of their lives on leashes in defiance of local regulations.

However, Loyola’s work is far from thankless.

Loyola recently shared a video of these puppies being let loose on a leash, apparently being watched for frequent abuse.

“He lived on a chain in the cold, in the heat, in the rain, in the sun,” Liola wrote of a dog whose sad circumstances are about to change. “We arrived at the place and there was no one there, so we broke the lock and saved the dog.”

The dog could not help but be delighted with his appearance and kissed his hero.

The dog’s owner has been identified, Layola wrote, and will be prosecuted for animal cruelty. Meanwhile, the puppy at the center of the case has already found its happy ending.

After his release, the dog was placed in the care of the rescue organization Casa do Produtor. But he didn’t stay there for long.

“She’s already adopted,” a spokesperson for The Dodo said. “He is OK.”