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His pain-filled eyes show that he has given up on life, but the saviors will not give up on him

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January 19, 2023 Videos No comments


This story is about a poor dog that was bullied almost to death. When he was about to give up, several rescuers decided to do everything possible to cure him.

They immediately took the dog, named Mrs., to the medical center for emergency care. He was just skin and bones because of his bad life. You could see the pain in his eyes just by looking at him. After the initial examination, it was found that he was infected with parasites. Therefore, the rescuers drew up a treatment plan with numerous blood tests and x-rays.

Although she needed good food, medicine and a lot of help, the most important thing for a lady was to be loved and safe. The lady made a big change in her personal life, recovered from scabies, followed a high-calorie diet and intravenous antibiotics, and even began to trust herself and her new friends.

Her hair has started to grow back and it is very beautiful. His rescuers say they want to give her a chance to live again and are ready to return home permanently after she makes a full recovery. What good saviors! Watch the video below.
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