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The Owner Asks If The Cockatoo Loves Him, The Bird Happily Replies

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January 15, 2023 Videos No comments


One of the hits on the Internet is a video where you can watch a cute conversation of a cockatoo with its owner.

In front of the camera, a man asked the parrot if he loved him, and the cockatoo responded with laughter and kindness.

The video clip, which appeared on YouTube six years ago, has already become a real hit – today it has gained more than 10 million views on the above network alone, and this scene made many animal lovers laugh.

Cockatoos live in the jungles of Indonesia and are considered very intelligent birds, able to memorize many words. They belong to the endangered parrot species and many people keep them as pets.

In the video, we can see the moment when the owner asks his cockatoo named Kameshek if he loves him, and the parrot laughs out loud at his words. Will the reaction of the bird make you laugh too?