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In the middle of the night, the family dog senses danger in the wall and wakes up the father

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November 19, 2022 Stories No comments


A wonderful puppy named Carl saved his new dad from a serious threat lurking within the walls of his home in San Diego. Hero dog woke up owner Drew Smith in the middle of the night when he sensed something was wrong.

When Drew first saw Carl at the shelter and was looking for a golden retriever, it was love at first sight. We lived together for 3 weeks without problems, Karl was nice, calm, friendly, did not even bark.

However, that night was different and changed everything. Carl was so angry that he couldn’t stop barking, and this madness woke Drew up and he realized that something dangerous was going on here. The house was on fire, so Carl noticed a cloud of smoke in the wall before the fire alarm went off. The rescue puppy saved his mistress and repaid the same. Watch the video below.