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Her mother collapses at home with young children, but daughter’s quick action saved her life

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May 10, 2022 Stories No comments


When her mother fell unconscious and didn’t want to wake up, 4-year-old Isla was the oldest child in the house.

4-year-old Isla was the oldest child in the house when her mom fell unconscious and wouldn’t wake up.

She was small, but fought bravely.

Parents always try to teach their children to eat, brush their teeth and read. But there are equally important lessons for children, and sometimes adults ignore their children because they think they are too small.

One is how should our children respond to emergencies?

ABC News,Youtube

The Somerset, New Jersey mother learned this important lesson very well because it helped save her life.

Hayley Glaser, along with her husband, taught her older children what to do if their mother needed medical attention because she was chronically ill.

The couple’s eldest daughter, Isla, 4, knew exactly what to do when her mother suddenly fell unconscious in the kitchen.

Hailey was the only adult in the house at the time, so Isla had to take action, and she did.

Haley Glaser told ABC News, “She was easily intimidated and put into a really dangerous and intimidating situation, but she handled it completely, completely calm and calm.”

The little girl calmed down and called 911. The dispatcher asked her a few questions to find out exactly what had happened and kept the girl in touch until help arrived at her family’s home.

“My mother has fallen and cannot speak,” Isla told the dispatcher.

She closed her eyes and said she was sleeping in the kitchen.

The woman on the other end assured her that help would come soon.

ABC News,Youtube

In fact, when the Franklin City Police arrived at her family’s home, they found that the door was locked.

Without hesitation, the brave Isla moved a chair to the door, stepped on it and unlocked the door to them.

While the officers took care of their mother, they fed their babies (2 and 1 years old) for breakfast and assured them, “Everything will be fine.”

Hayley Glaser was hospitalized and hospitalized for four days before she was sent home to recuperate.

However, the officers did not limit themselves to a few kind words about Ilya’s act. An event dedicated to the heroic deeds of a little girl was organized by the local police department.

“I know adults who cannot deal with such incidents with such courage, resilience and dignity,” Franklin Police Lieutenant Philip Rizzo said.

The girl was rewarded for her “brave and heroic efforts” and received many gifts, including a pen, a limited amount of test coins and a frisbee.

ABC News,Youtube

Isla Glaser was also promoted to junior police officer. She must have felt like a real superwoman at that moment!

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