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School Custodian Called To Clean Gym But Only To Find This

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February 3, 2022 Videos No comments


The school attendant volunteered to clean up and find the gym.

School security guards play an important role in keeping the facilities clean and disinfected. And they know that school-age children can be very messy. Therefore, it is not surprising that, having disturbed children, they are called in the middle of the day to clean a room or a certain part of the school.

And without guardians like Eugene Hinton, the teachers and students at Moody Elementary School would come to school every day.

When Andrea Orr, the third grade teacher, called him into the cafeteria, he knew it would take another day to clean up Eugene’s mess. So he got everything he needed: a sprayer, a sprayer.

In the video, someone says to him, “Sorry! A student has an accident… Can you help him clean up? And before I start, “Is this really bad?”

Then he went inside. However, when he entered the cafeteria, he was shocked to see hundreds of students. Then I realized that I did not call him for cleaning, but for a surprise!

As Eugene walked in, Andrea trailed behind him. His emotional reaction was all caught on video. He was taken aback when the students greeted him by screaming “Surprise!” in unison. And with his hand to his chest, he made a bow. He then gave all the kids, one by one, a high five.

On this special day, the students showered him with gifts and thank you cards. They also made a banner they decorated with lots of little handprints that said:

“Thank you Mr. Eugene for always lending a helping hand.”

As it turned out that day was October 2nd. It was National Custodian Day and the students and staff at Moody Elementary wanted to thank Mr. Eugene for everything that he’s done for the students and the school.

The kids love him. He’s friendly with the staff too. This man is invested in this job but his relationship with the children as well. He can be often spotted giving out fist bumps with the students as they walk past him down the hallway. In fact, he’s a bit of a superhero among the student body.

Sharing the video on Facebook, Andrea captioned it with: “Not all superheroes wear capes.”

In an interview with ABC’s Right This Minute, Eugene said, “I’m completely at a loss. I never could imagine it. I expected something worse.” He added, “I felt like I really appreciated it. It was a complete shock. I love these guys.”

At school, we sometimes forget that there are clean corridors that our children walk in and people standing behind the floor. The cleaners and caretakers make sure the whole school is ready when our kids come to school. They clean all day to keep the students healthy and safe.

Therefore, even if they are not asked, they should be appreciated. We can say that they are just doing their job, but they play a very important role. We should not just thank teachers and professors. Employees like Mr. Eugene should also be appreciated. The little things they do are the most important.