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Simon Cowell Pulls A Hilarious Prank With Sofia Vergara at AGT 2021

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June 30, 2021 Videos No comments


In the final round of America’s Got Talent, contestants Ryan Stoke and Amberlin also demonstrated their blind shooting skills.

The show’s creators used their performance as a joke, starring judge Sofia Vergara.

Ryan and Amberlin finished the game and invited Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara to try their hand at blindfolds together. At the same time, since it was a production, they played the role of a fair judge.

Judge Sophia Vergara was blindfolded and Simon Cowell was lying on the floor with a fake bullet in his chest. When he fired, he felt like he hit Judge Simon Cowell hard in the chest.

The comedy of the American talent show has already hit the Internet – to date, the video alone has gained more than 2 a million views on YouTube. Watch how Simon Cowell mocked judge Sofia Vergara in the AGT finals.