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Adorable Puppy Crashes Reporter’s Weather Report on Live TV

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February 28, 2021 Animal Videos No comments


Fox 5 posted a beautiful image on its YouTube channel that showed viewers predicting the weather live in Washington DC.

The meteorologist was reporting from the street, and soon all attention was turned to the curious puppy.

FOX 5 Washington DC,Youtube

The video, which was posted on YouTube a few days ago, has already become a real hit on the web, gaining over 1,455,400 views. These scenes are especially popular with dog lovers.

When meteorologist Bob Barnard reported the weather forecast from one of the streets, the curious dog caught everyone’s attention. The puppy went to the meteorologist and asked him to be pampered, but soon the owner returned for his “lost” puppy.

Next to the fortuneteller, watch a cute scene where a curious dog steals all attention. Will a little puppy brighten up your day too?