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Amazon Delivery Driver Rescues a Child Left on The Side of The Road during a Car Theft

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February 20, 2021 ENTERTAINMENT No comments


Amazon delivery driver rescues a kid on the side of the road during a car theft!

Sometimes God puts the right person in the right place at the right time to save his life. These guardian angels walk or walk among us. Amazon driver Juan Carlos Flores is one such person.

As Juan Carlos walked along the delivery road, he noticed something unusual on the side of the road.

He had seen what looked like a baby carrier and knew that further investigation was needed. And then he confirmed that the child was sitting in the car seat!

For Juan, it was like any other morning before the opening. He still had a few stops left, and although he knew he had a busy schedule to deliver the package on time, he noticed the strangest thing sitting on the side of the road.

“I wanted to cry when I saw this child,” she said. They then went to their nearest neighbor’s house to ask if they had left their child on the street. The neighbors were as shocked as Juan.

The police suspect they knew what happened. They simultaneously responded to calls about car theft and people stolen in the area.

In addition, home surveillance cameras recorded a man leaving his child on the side of a road less than a mile from his home.

Huang asked, “Will anyone be brave enough to leave their child by the side of the road?”

Juan left the child in the care of a safe neighbor and returned alone. Juan saw officers nearby and returned to the house where the neighbor was caring for the child.

About three minutes later, additional police arrived at the scene to reunite the child with his mother. Imagine what would have happened to the cute boy if Juan hadn’t been working there that morning? Nobody thought that the child could have been hit by another car and stolen.

On that day, Juan Carlos became a hero and protector of the innocent. He was the guardian angel of a boy in the form of an Amazon.

“Save those brought to death; put aside those who stumble in the slaughterhouse. If you say, “Well, we didn’t know that,” won’t the person measuring the heart understand? Doesn’t the person who keeps your heart know about this, or will he not be rewarded according to his deeds? ”