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A Dog with Huge Eyelashes Melts Heart

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January 14, 2021 ENTERTAINMENT Videos No comments


But at least the eyelash professional can sit and admire pet pooch Mabel’s dreamy eyes all day, as the one-year-old Chocolate Working Cocker Spaniel has recently gone viral for her amazingly long eyelashes.

He looks like a Disney cartoon character, so it’s easy to get lost in Mabel’s beautiful eyes.

Caters News Agency

One-year-old Mabel, a chocolate working cocker spaniel, lives with owner Caitlin Baker in Warwickshire, who said it was love at first sight when she spotted he the puppy’s cute face.

“Mabel’s eyelashes are natural,” Caitlin said. When we first saw her, we fell in love with her, then noticed her eyelashes and immediately fell in love with her even more.

“People think she’s amazing and say she looks like Cindy Lou from the Grinch, her favorite Christmas movie.”