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Cat play with Dog and Then Its Tail Catches On Fire

By admin

December 10, 2020 Animal Videos No comments


Today, a video from a surveillance camera in one of the houses was posted online, where we can watch a real play.

The cat was playing with his dog in the living room, and his negligence damaged his burnt tail.


The cat and dog owners in the video left lit candles on the living room table and the cat’s tail burned while playing. Fortunately, the cat could calmly observe what was happening until its tail stopped burning.

The cat was not hurt – it had only a few burnt hairs, and, according to the owners, the fire did not damage its skin. However, things would have ended worse, especially if the cat was afraid of fire.

In the video, we ask all cat owners to be careful when placing candles in their home – your pet can get hurt, and in the worst case, the fire can spread to the furniture in your home.