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Fox Wants Mom To Come Outside For Hugs And Scratches

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April 6, 2020 Videos No comments

He’s making that noise because he’s excited the same way dogs whine when they’re happy to see you, The video comes from a SaveAFox shelter located in Faribault, Minnesota.

The fox in the video became a friend years ago with the woman who filmed the scenes on camera. The foxes housed in the aforementioned shelter, where also the video creator lives, will never be released into the wild as they would not survive there.


That is why they are helped by volunteers, and the foxes pay back their good work with a wonderful friendship. Many times they want hugs and human love!

This was also the case when one of the foxes visited a volunteer who was caring for her. When you hear how the fox reacted to her hugs and scratches, a smile will sneak up on your face after watching the video.

Source: KlipLand