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Precious 2 Yr Old Smiles At Mom Seconds Before Breaking Out In Irish Dance

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August 21, 2019 Videos No comments


Fans of this style are all too familiar with the wildly popular dance show Riverdance.

Step dance is characterized by a rigid upper body and intricate footwork.

One is never too young to start learning this style, which is evidenced by the little cutie in the video below.

This two-year-old is performing her St. Patrick’s Day set dance.

She’s decked out in the prettiest little green dress with a bow affixed to her head.

She stares over her shoulder at mom who is videotaping, her arms clasped behind her back. Suddenly, the music begins to play.

This sweetie begins prancing and dancing all around her living room. Her toes are strongly pointed and her knees are lifted high.

She skips and jigs all over the place to the jovial Irish music. She’s concentrating so hard!

The very best part of this adorable toddler’s performance is at the very end. She wraps up her routine with quite a flourish!

Watch this precious little girl trying her very hardest to perform her St. Patrick’s Day set dance in the video below. She’s so cute!

Source: bonvine