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Female Motorcyclist Stops On The Highway, Truck Driver Saves The Day

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July 30, 2019 Videos No comments


A video clip from inside the truck is coming from the Chicago highway. The driver faced an unexpected sight in front of him – a motorist stopped on the highway, as her bike suddenly turned off.

What the driver of the truck did later has circled the world in a moment!

If such a scene would happen at our place, many drivers would surely use a horn, asking what the motorist does in the middle of the road. But the driver of the truck decided to act differently!

As he realized that the standing female motorcyclist was in danger, he closed the way with his freight vehicle to other road users. With that he protected the motorist until the moment she pushed her bike to the far right edge of the road.

The action of the truck driver quickly circled the world, and to date, the video clip on Facebook alone has exceeded 12 million views. Lets share this scene with friends as the truck driver can be an inspiration for everyone!

Source: klipland