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Hoop Aerialist Matthew Richardson Shocks The Judges On AGT

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July 17, 2019 Videos No comments


Matthew Richardson of the United States of America is a graphic designer. In spite of his profession, he has been practicing special acrobatics for the last three years – that’s why he applied for the audition of America’s Got Talent, and there he has fascinated many judges!

The 33-year-old fell in love with acrobatics 15 years ago when he witnessed one of the acrobatic performances at the age of 18.

He knew immediately that he himself wanted to do acrobatics in his life! Matthew brought a large ring with him on AGT’s auditions, and with it he took many breaths both on the ground and in the air.

When you see what an extraordinary performance was made by 33-year-old Matthew Richardson in the America’s Got Talent show, you’ll be left speechless yourself! Hats down for such an extraordinary talent …

Source: klipland